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Shenzhen Idiway Inc. was established on March 4th, 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 56,297,161 Yuan. It is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture, marketing and service of identification product of Internet of Things (IOT), and it is a solution supplier for identification of people, vehicle and thing for the IOT. The company has obtained many qualifications, such as National High-tech Enterprise, Computer Information System Integration Enterprise of MIIT, Designated Unit for Production of Commercial Password Products for State Encryption Administration, Shenzhen Software Enterprise, and Shenzhen Superior Enterprise in Intellectual Property. It has obtained 39 letters of patent and 32 copyrights of computer software, and has gained good business reputation in the industry of IOT.


In respect of "people" identification in IOT, Idiway has solutions such as the whole process paperless identity collection system of the telecom operator business hall, and visitor registry system for government agency, as well as the IDR series identity card identification machine production line. In respect of "vehicle" identification in IOT, Idiway has solutions such as the full declaration electronic guidance system for the land border ports, and electronic vehicle access control system for government buildings, as well as the VID series vehicle-mounted electronic card production line. In respect of "thing" identification in IOT, Idiway has radio frequency identification information management system for bank vault, information management system for animal source and other solutions, as well as MSR series mobile intelligent recognizer production line.


With nine years’ history, Idiway has established a core technology chain, which include RFID, QR code optical identification, multispectral optical image acquisition and treatment, identification data collection middleware and identification information management software based on ASP.NET three-tier architecture and smart client. The production line has obtained good reputation and users’ favor in the market. The operating pattern of Idiway is researching, developing and producing identification product of IOT, establishing IOT system integrated application demonstration, and providing identification product and solutions of IOT for end users through channel dealer.





Eagle E2__IUR-E2 Intelligent RFID Reader





















• Identify UHF electronic tag like eagles; robust, powerful and intelligent.

• Embedded with Linux 2.6.33 operating system and 64 GB SD memory card.

• Support 3G/WiFi wireless communication, CAN 2.0 industrial field bus data communication.

• Technical-grade products with excellent reliability and long service time and good endurability from outdoor  

harsh environment.



Widely applied to intelligent transportation, food safety, medical treatment, assets management and supply chain management.


Key Performance Parameters




























Eagle E2_IUR-E2 Intelligent RFID Reader, funded by Shenzhen strategic emerging industry development special fund, is the key device to collect, store, process and transmit UHF electronic tag information of Internet of Things application system. As an technical-grade product, embedded with computer operating system and database, it has the function of 3G/WiFi wireless communication and CAN 2.0 industrial field bus data communication. Also, it can conduct independent work without connecting with an external computer. It possesses good endurability from outdoor harsh environment with an IP grade IP65. It could read 1,000 UHF electronic tags at a time by unique anti-collision algorithm and its reading range is 10 meters. Identification of UHF electronic tag like eagles is robust, powerful and intelligent. It is widely applied to intelligent transportation, food safety, medical treatment, assets management and supply chain management.,etc.





Idiway Inc. attended The 6th Shenzhen International Internet of Things Expo














The IUR-E2 intelligent RFID Reader products were presented in the exhibition.It is a focus in the exhibition.

Idiway Inc. is committed to provide high quality RFID Reader products to our global clients.




Address: Unit 01-03, 6/F, Zhongyangxigu Bldg., 139 Xinzhou 11th St., Futian District,

Shenzhen, Guangdong, P. R. China                       Postal Code: 518048

Tel: (86) 755-3300 2888                                         Fax: (86) 755-3306 9888 

Service Hotline: (86) 400-6288277                          Website: www.idiway.com




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